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Server Information | HERO Conquer Classic Server

Server Description

HERO Conquer is a free Conquer Online server for international audience. The server is using the classic 5095 version of the game, including classic characters, maps, new events, new bosses, new quests, items and features.

The server is created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for Conquer Online. Our server machines are located in a specialized datacenter which guarantees 100% uptime and lag-free gaming.

HERO Conquer is high experience server for fast and easy leveling. High drop and success rates. You will find items and skills for all character classes at the shops. The maps are full of monster spots. All character classes are classic with no ninja or monk, so you can create your favorite character as soon as you enter the game, Enjoy.

General Information

Server Version 5095
Server Type Classic
Rates Medium
Max Level 137
Max Reborn 2nd
Max Plus +12
Classes Taoist - Trojan - Archer - Warrior
PVP Events & PVE Quests
New Costumes & Garments
Hourly, Daily & Weekly Activities
🏹 Drop Rate { CPs, +2 Items, Meteors, DragonBalls, Gold }

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