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Game Rules| HERO Conquer Classic Server

Offensive character names

The character and guild names you choose must not contain any offensive words at all

Sharing account details

You are not allowed to share your account details with other players. You take full responsibility for whatever happens with your account. This is for both our sake, and your own safety. You don't want to lose your account of some misunderstanding, and we don't want to hear you complaining about it. Remember your account details and do not share them with anyone.

Trading or selling accounts

You are not allowed to trade or sell / buy accounts - both for real money and for any gaming currency.

Selling / Buying items

You are not allowed to sell / buy items for real money.

Trading or selling in-game currencies

You are not allowed to trade or sell any in-game currency for real money.

Broadcast chat

You are not allowed to sell items for real money via Broadcast chat.

Third-party software

Using hacks / cheats or any type of third-party software is strictly forbidden.

IP Proxies and other applications

It is strictly forbidden to use a proxy to log-in game or website.

Fake admins, impersonators

It is strictly forbidden to impersonate an Admin or Game Master of HERO Conquer. Remember, our staff team doesn't need your password for solving an issue on your account or giving you rewards for events.

Reporting bugs

If you do happen and found a bug, hack or anything which can be abused in the game to players advantage, you must contact us immediately. We will be most grateful for your cooperation and perhaps reward you with some game goods!


You are not allowed to advertise any products, services or websites in our community.

Staff or community disrespect

Disrespecting the community or a staff member is not acceptable. This is valid anywhere, not just when talking directly to a staff member. If you have any complaints about a staff member, feel free to contact us.

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